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Having a presence on the web is not enough. Your customers and potential visitors have to be able to find you online. Parent Technology designs your website with usability in mind, and even offer custom search engine optimization services for our clients who want to increase their position in the search engine rankings with our SEO Promoter Software.

Search Engine Optimization involves making your web pages readable for the search engine crawlers that are used to identify website theme and relevancy to particular search terms. Google, Yahoo and MSN all have spiders or crawlers that try to determine what your website is all about.

Search Engine Optimization Promoter Software
Parent Technology specializes in increasing traffic to your website by improving your position in the search engine rankings without using doorway pages, cloaking or other spamming techniques. Our search engine rankings specialists work diligently with you to determine your company's marketing needs. We work with you to make your site content relevant, fresh, and search engine friendly - increasing your search engine rankings. This proves to be the most time proven way to ensure that your site stays in the top of the search engine rankings for the long-term.


Reciprocal linking is based on the idea of two websites providing a means for the visitor to move from website to another. Most major search engines consider a link to your website a vote for the importance of your website thus raising its level of importance. A link exchange program with websites that are of like kind and quality is an integral part of the overall search engine optimization process.

META Tags:

A Meta tag is a special HTML tag that provides information about a web page. Unlike normal HTML tags, Meta tags do not affect how the page is displayed. Instead, they provide information such as the website title, what the page is about, and which keywords represent the page's content. Many search engines use this information when building their indices.

Search Engine Submission:

Most search engines including Google will normally pick up your website through the natural index updates that occur on a regular basis. Websites can be manually submitted to different search engines both free and fee based such as those involved in Paid Inclusion.

Paid Inclusion:

Paid inclusion is a search engine marketing model in which Web site owners pay a search engine company to guarantee their sites will show up in search results. In addition to guaranteeing that a client's Web site will be indexed, paid inclusion may ensure that the search engine's crawler software visits the client's site more frequently, and may also give clients the option to submit information about their pages more often. Yahoo has a program of paid inclusion that allows for your website to be listed on their directory under your industry category for a $299.00 year fee.

Google has a program known as Ad Words which allows you to create your own ads, choose keywords to help Google match your ads to your audience and pay only when someone clicks on them. You set up a daily budget and cost per click and your ad is displayed at the top or side of Google search engine results page.

There are many other paid inclusion programs available throughout the Internet.

Content Management:

One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization is content management. This is what your website is all about. The more content (textual information) that you can provide on your website the better your site will be. Your website should include up to date information about your services, industry or products. Continual updates should be a part of your weekly or monthly website maintenance process. Areas that can provide strong content to your site are industry related news, online newsletters and text that shows you as an authority in your field.

Contact Parent Technology today and begin a successfully marketing campaign in the internet will search engine optimization. 

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