Why is search engine optimization important?

Search engine optimization / marketing is essential for any business trying to attract visitors to a website.  85% of all web traffic comes from search engines. No matter what type of website you’re running, you should invest in search engine optimization efforts.  Parent Technology can help you with your SEO with training and full support. Whether you invest with time or money, Parent Technology can give you the correct direction. Not sure where your business ranks? Not 100% confident that your current efforts are working?  Contact us today.

How We Work On Your Sites Search Engine Optimization

  1. Crawl accessibility so engines can read your website
  2. Compelling content that answers the searcher’s query
  3. Keyword optimized to attract searchers & engines
  4. Great user experience including a fast load speed and compelling UX
  5. Share-worthy content that earns links, citations, and amplification
  6. Title, URL, & description to draw high CTR in the rankings
  7. Snippet/schema markup to stand out in SERPs