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QuickBooks Magento Integration

Whether you’re starting a new online business, growing your existing online store, or expanding to multiple online sales channels, keeping track of your sales, customers, accounting, inventory and shipping can be daunting. You work hard to generate sales but end up spending hours of manual effort entering the orders into QuickBooks. Generating shipping labels requires re-typing customer information into a different system. Once your order is shipped, you still have to update your inventory and keep the customer notified. Put it all together and you’re spending more time transferring information between systems than in growing your business.

eCC is an Intuit Gold certified software designed to eliminate manual data entry, cut down your order processing time and reduce accounting errors. It connects your online store with QuickBooks and your shipping processors to automate your online business. With eCC, you can automatically post orders to QuickBooks or Point of Sale, synchronize inventory and products, and generate shipping labels.

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