How to do redirects in Magento - 301 redirects - search engine optimization tip

If you have been running an eCommerce Store for years now, then you must have got a lot of your URLs indexed in Google. And lets say, you want to migrate to Magento now. You must be thinking that, how to redirect all of your mostly used old URLs to your new site now. So,here is an easy way to do is by creating a 301 Permanent redirect using Magento’s URL Rewrite Management.Here is a step by step procedure: Assuming then that this will be a redirect from one page to another, if I wanted to move and/or rename this page to a new URL, for example: From: To: I would do the following in Magento to create the appropriate permanent redirect: 1. Navigate to Catalog > Url Rewrite Management 2. Click the “Add Urlrewrite” button 3. Select “Custom” from the “Create Urlrewrite” drop-down menu 4. The “Urlrewrite Information” form would be completed thusly: ID Path: old-url.html Request Path: old-url.html Target Path: Redirect: Permanent(301) ID Path and Request path are the same: the path off the root of the url to redirect FROM – everything after (not including) the domain name and trailing slash. Target path is the URL to redirect TO.

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