Speed up Magento, product import, export and general via the database

If your Magento product imports and exports certainly aren’t as speedy as they used to be, it could be that the database table is just filling up with old records. There are a few to look at. dataflow_batch_import dataflow_batch_export log_url log_url_info log_visitor log_visitor_info The dataflow records can be quickly emptied in mysql or your database: truncate table dataflow_batch_import; truncate table dataflow_batch_export; Just run the query about to remove the old data.  This will not harm your site.  Just make sure that you are not uploading / importing / exporting products at the time.  For your logs – I would suggest you correctly set up log cleaning, this relies on the Magento Cron being correctly set up. 1) Log into your Magento admin and go to System > Configuration 2) Scroll down to Advanced > System 3) Select Log Cleaning 4) Change “save log, days” to a sensible figure, we use 30. 5) Enable log cleaning

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