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Magento's form system is less than perfect.   There are software options that I have found that work really great.   Features: No limitation Create any number of web-forms and add as many fields to them as you like.
New features Professional Edition is regularly updated with new features while Community Edition stays at current functionality level.
Stability All bug fixes and optimizations to the code are first released for Professional Edition.
Contacts notification Let customers choose who receives their request. Or you can use it as a subject field and assign new requests to responsible departments automatically.
Duplicate forms Copy complex forms with a single click.
File upload It lets customers upload files and specify range of allowed file extensions and generates download link in admin backend and e-mail notifications
Image upload It lets customers upload images and generates thumbnails in admin backend and e-mail notification letters
Results grid filters You can search results data using grid filters in backend.
Individual e-mail templates This feature helps you create individual e-mail templates for each web-form
Star rating Jazzy input field that helps rate anything in fresh and easy way
URL input URL validation in your form.
Field comments Text comments under input fields which help customer to submit correct information
Html block field With this field you can insert html content inside of your web-form.
Date input Field type with date picker and configurable date formats.
Captcha customization You can define captcha look and translation for your site view.
Captcha modes You can turn captcha to always on mode and it will always show up or show it only to unregistered customers.

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