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If you are a professional retailer and you run both - off-line store and an online eCommerce shop you probably wonder how to connect these two branches of your retail business, integrate and synchronize the information. Using CRM systems is very good for your sales and support team, but how could you enhance your online presence and increase your conversions for Magento based stores? With our solution you can connect your Magento site with SugarCRM and synchronize site users and purchases with customers, cases and opportunities in CRM system.
  • You can map multiple fields from Magento to SugarCRM in several easy steps. Flexible and adjustable mapping allows you to map any Magento and SugarCRM fields. Built-in PHP code processor will let you process eCommerce data and/or combine fields before inserting results into SugarCRM.
  • Magento SugarCRM integration ensures easy export of website customers to SugarCRM. You can export Magento orders to Cases or Opportunities in SugarCRM.
  • Track every item that is being added to the cart by user even if the user is not logged in. After user registers or logs in the bridge will connect this info to the record in SugarCRM.
  • Track abandoned shopping carts in Magento. Every checkout step taken by user is updated in SugarCRM opportunities/cases status so in case of abandoned cart you have tools to track at what stage the cart was left (available in Bridge version 1.3)
  • Our synchronization solution ensures live synchronization process with no cron job required
Being an effective and time-saving solution, our Magento - Sugar CRM synchronization extension will help your sales team to save time on data entry form eCommerce software reports to CRM system and to focus on Customer and sales analysis, which will increase the overall revenue. Whether you aim at increasing online shop customer satisfaction, raising sales through the website, enhancing productivity and efficiency of you eCommerce store or keeping your records organized you will find our extension very helpful and time-saving. Manage your website customers and analyze opportunities and cases to convert website traffic into more sales. Magento-Sugar CRM integration bridge supports Magento Community versions 1.4.xx, 1.5.xx, 1.6.xx,  SugarCRM Community 5.2 and above, SugarCRM PRO. Take a look at the Magento - SugarCRM Bridge Demo site and try all the features yourself: Login at Magento admin demo page and see how to set up field mapping Go to SugarCRM admin demo page and see results of data synchronization Use the following access to login: demouser / demouser1

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