Adobe continually strives to find the right balance between making product upgrades simple and predictable and delivering improvements and new features to early adopters faster. Over the last year, we have refined how we deliver software to support this balance.

Release schedule

Adobe releases security and functional patches for each supported release line of Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source.

The following table provides the dates for scheduled releases (dates are subject to change):

October 2021
Security patch release
September 28, 2021 October 12, 2021
January 2022
Feature release
January 18, 2022
March 2022
Feature + patch release
October 2021 and ongoing February 22, 2022 March 8, 2022
April 2022
Feature release
April 26, 2022
June 2022
Feature release
June 21, 2022
August 2022
Feature + patch release
July 26, 2022 August 9, 2022
October 2022
Feature + security patch release
2.4.5-p12 September 27, 2022 October 11, 2022

— Indicates items that are not applicable to this release.
1 This is the last patch release for the 2.3.x release line. The 2.3.x release line reaches End of Life (EOL) in April 2022.
2 There is no full patch release in October 2022.

Patch and Security Patch Releases are opportunities to upgrade the core codebase to keep your platform secure, reliable, and performant. Feature Releases occur every other month. Feature Releases are independent of the core codebase and are available through external module or extension. Any updates to existing independent features will also be released during Feature Release periods and will happen automatically if the feature is already implemented.

Early access

Pre-release is General Availability code that is available to Adobe Commerce merchants and all partners two weeks before General Availability. It allows for quicker deployment of code before General Availability.

Beta is non-General Availability code that is available to all partners. It allows for extra time to review code and affected components.


Release types

  • Patch releases—Updates to the core Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source application that include security, compliance, performance, and high-priority quality fixes.
  • Security patch releases—Security-only updates to the Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source application released to keep merchants secure and compliant.
  • Feature releases—New features and feature updates that are delivered as independent services, separate from the patch releases. Examples include services like Product Recommendations and Live Search, independent modules like PWA Studio and Inventory Management (MSI), and updates to our cloud services and infrastructure.


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